Put yourself in their shoes

Nothing wrenches my heart more than the thought of a child with a life-threatening illness. Nothing. When Ana sent out a tweet asking for donations for Malia, the heartache was especially strong. You see, Malia was diagnosed with cancer at 2 1/2, the age our Mabel is now. She's just a toddler and she already knows what it means to fight for her life.  The thought just makes me sob.

Once again, I can't do much myself, but I do have a couple Wolfie and the Sneak items. I have 2 of these 17 x 22" banners ready to ship. $55 ea. shipping incl, all proceeds (price minus shipping) will go directly to help Malia and her family. If you're interested, send a note to nobiting [at] gmail [dot] com and we'll get it all figured out. Even if you don't need a little art for your walls, consider sending the family a donation. The bills are stacking up as the family concentrates on getting their little girl better.

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