Furniture Funk Friday

All this heavy political talk, let's move onto something lighter, shall we? My mom is on the hunt for a media stand for below their flat screen TV. Despite the scale of everything in this room, the TV is big, but so is the wall. I think the TV is something like a 50", the cabinet I've posted in this poorly photoshopped image is 53" long, and pretty much true to scale with the wall.

The rest of their furniture is a collection of modern masterpieces from Eames, Eileen Gray and the ilk.

My mom and I were both thinking the West Elm cabinet in the {may I reiterate: poorly} mocked up picture up top would work, but now we're both thinking something warm and darker will do the trick. Perhaps something in walnut? Maybe even a fauxdenza?

Some immediate thoughts include both the Ledge by Urbancase, Gus* Bathurst Credenza, but when it comes down to it, knowing my dad's affinity for furniture with honest, straight forward materials combined with geometric form, this Skram unit would fit the bill. 

The question is, what would work with their other furniture and the scale of the room? Any suggestions?

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Smedette said...

I'm by no means a designer, but we have this:


and I love it. Simple lines, nice drawers.