turkey talk

I'm daydreaming of sweet potato ice cream swirled with marshmallow fluff and candied pecans. No really. I'm really daydreaming of adapting this recipe... and no, I'm not pregnant.

In honor of Thanksgiving, Wolfie and the Sneak are so thankful for you! In honor of your generous support, we're offering 40% off everything in the shop through the end of the day Monday, November 28, 2011. Just use the code "backforty" at checkout and you'll get your discount.

Then, at the end of the 28th we're shutting up the shop online until next year sometime. We'll be traveling for shows and enjoying the holidays in front of the fire with each other since family is the most important thing.{And you are sooooo welcome for that link.}

We'll see ya back here on Monday! For those of us here in the US, have a great holiday!

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ashley said...

I thought it was breakfast. Breakfast is the most important thing.