so fab you don't want to miss it!

Today starts the Fab.com sale! For 2 days (starting today at 10 AM) they're offering 16 of the newest and best selling Wolfie and the Sneak items at a pretty terrific discount. If you're waffling about whether to pick up some new art for your walls (or a little gift for your favorite scientist/gardener/aesthetic person) let me appeal to your sympathetic side: our van's transmission is acting up and we'll likely have to get it replaced.

Aside from the little car problem, what should you know about our prints?  We've spent an obsessive amount of time deciding on which printers to use based on quality of print and lasting color of inks. According to third party testing agencies, our prints should last nearly 100 years under regular glass before fading. Papers vary, but they have a high percentage recycled content from post consumer waste, some papers are even 100% PCW (the average paper has less than 30%). Some of the paper is from a hydroelectric powered plant right here in the USA. Good stuff.

Prints come packaged in bio-based (aka they'll break down and become part of the dirt again, unlike petro-based plastics that just become plastic particulate matter) clear sleeves with cardboard backer for safe arrival at their new home.

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ashley said...

Yay, exciting! (The part about the transmission, not so much.)

We'll definitely be getting some of your DIY thank-you cards for the boys to color and sign at Christmas. Never too young to start learning good manners -- and those cards will make it nice and easy! :)