Hand Makin It

Sorry for all the missing images/wonkiness. Yesterday there was a flourish of artists finding their wares copied elsewhere (BeHappyNow's image of Yakoo on a dress on a wholesale site, Gennine, Jill Bliss (whose experience is more positive), Mimi Kirchner, Skinny Laminx...dare I go on?!)

I thought it would be wise to mark my flickr photos so strangers couldn't favorite them. Then I realized the way I did that actually made all my photos private, which wasn't what I meant to do, so I switched it back, but that messed up some stuff and now I have to sort through everything. Yuck.

Tomorrow we'll be at the Handmade Market, hand-making it up as we go. As I usually do, I've picked out a few pieces we're excited to see! So much good stuff, come out and see it too! And if you're too far away, check out the vendor list and see what you're missing. Most of us ship, too. Ahem.

Off the Map bicycle painting
tiny peepers tea towels
Judah Ross plum skirt
flytrap pineapple flowers cut out dress
Michelle Smith Tie Dye Pillow
Miss Fitt Deer toddler hat

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mimi k said...

Just so you know- it looks like I will also be able to happily resolve my issues with copying. Gives me a little more faith in the world and a lot more love of the internet!