Knit Picker

One of the first craft pieces I fell in love with on the internet {when it still seemed so new! 2006, anyone?} was a knitware piece by Alyssa Ettinger. When her milk bottles and Ball jar lanterns came out, they were so original yet nostalgic, the delicate use of porcelain amazed me and stuck with me.

Around the same time, Annette Bugansky was developing a similarly themed line.

Annette Bugansky {1}, Reshape Studio {2}, Leigh Radford {3}, Forest Clearing {4}
Since then I've seen a few other knitted ceramic pieces. Anyone else out there picking up on the growing knitwear knit ware trend?


Anonymous said...

Anyone else out there copying the original Alyssa Ettinger?

Anonymous said...

Radford and Buganski were doing it first, since 2005. They are also doing their own hand knit designs