No tinkerbell-fairy-princess-diva-glitter-bombs

Are you familiar with tea collection? I don't remember the first time I saw their children's clothes
but I'm pretty sure it was before Mabel was even a thought. I remember being impressed with their selection of kids' clothes because they don't necessarily look like kids' clothes. Don't get me wrong, they're not dull, they're not typical uniforms, they're playful, but with sophisticated choices in materials. No tinkerbell-fairy-princess-diva-glitter-bombs to be seen.

This, in my mind, is a peek into heaven; especially after being inundated with box store clothing choices that seemed to force kids to walk around as Disney billboards. Dare I mention the the lack of selection in pants/shorts without some sort of logo and catchphrase scrawled across the butt.  {Can I get an amen?}

So yeah, tea. They contacted me about doing a review of some of their girl's stuff and I jumped at the chance. Maybe even literally jumped...I was pretty excited.They gave me $100 store credit to buy whatever I wanted to show off. I got 3 shirts, totalling $99.50.

 And you want a review? Here's the thing--we've had the clothes for over a month. I ordered them at the beginning of July and they shipped promptly and arrived quickly. They were instantly added to the rotation* of Mabel's clothing, worn, stained, washed, worn, stained, washed... and the kid moves faster than lightening, so getting her to stop and model for the camera? Not going to happen.

But what did happen? The clothes feel soft and comfy, hold up to markers and the usual toddler beatings, and keep on kicking. Mabel gives her tea collection 5 (out of 5) crayons!

*Here's how that works: item is added to rotation and is worn quickly. Toddler draws on, spills on, and smudges with anything that could stain. Lazy mom doesn't use stain treatment, clothing goes in the wash and is never handled delicately. If said clothing comes out with stain intact, said clothing item ends up in a "fix it" laundry bin full of clothes that need hemming, mending, buttons, and stain removal. That particular bin rarely gets the attention it needs and clothing seems to stay in it until it's simply given to a thrift store or repurposed (hello reusable rags).

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ashley said...

Especially love the shirt in the middle -- and it looks even cuter on!

No need to get M to stop and model -- these action shots and surprise smiles are far better than a pose. :)