We've got a contest hiding in here!

Here's a contest that makes me a little jealous of you...Forage Bow Ties is celebrating their first birthday (cue the music and get the balloons!) and I've got a ladies tie to give away!

One year ago Stephen and Shauna, aka Something's Hiding in Here, revved up the sewing machine and branched out into bow ties. Forage soon evolved into a ladies line as well, which brings us to today's giveaway--the Lilien. Lilien is an absolute gem: an emerald gingham bow tie for the gals, made of silk shantung from a limited edition of 10. She's Judy Garland, Katharine Hepburn and Rosalind Russell all summed up in one darling accessory.

Pair it up with a white collared shirt, pencil skirt and peep toe stack heels and you'll be Girl Friday perfect. Wear it {sans collar} with a strapless sheath and look all sassed up for a night full of city lights and martinis. If nothing else, Lilien is flexibly fashionable.

So here's the deal: In the comments below name your fashion/style icon and what it is that makes her stand out. It can be anyone and there is no right or wrong answer, just a fun little chance for me to learn about you!  

Make sure you either include your email address in the comments form or write it out in the comment itself! I'll need to be able to get in touch with you if you win. I'll be back on Monday to  pick a winner at random.

Have a great weekend and send all your pals over to enter, too! xoxo


red fish design said...

I would rock this out in an interview to show my design creativity.

TaNeesha said...

alexa chung b/c it's very clear that she wears what she loves and is not a slave to trendiness.

Caitlin said...

Helena Bonham Carter, because she has a whimsical style combined with a disheveled, devil-may-care attitude.

Sarah Smiles said...

OOOH man! Such a cute bow tie! Love it! My style icon has to be my mom. Her combo of hippie dress styled with just the right of classic 50's look somehow comes together flawlessly. Why it works I couldn't say!

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

My mother always manages to look put together and appropriate for any situation, and puts together things I would never think of pairing, from any store (thrift shop finds, discount bins, or department store stuff), and looks fantastic.

corinne said...

i love keiko lynn from http://www.keikolynn.com/

she has such a diverse, fantastically creative and fashionable sense of style. she is confident and i am really inspired every time i read her blog :)

morgandkim said...

Hepburn. Classic

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite female fashion icons would have to be Zooey Deschanel. She always pulls off styles that make her personality absolutely enchanting and her appearance utterly adorable!

Also, Katie would die if I happen to win this give away! This has to be one of my favorite female bow ties I've seen by Forage yet!


sam kramer said...

Happiest of bdays to Forage!! As for style icons, I absolutely adore Chloe Sevigny. Could totally see her rocking a Forage tie.

-sam kramer

nearmoderndisaster (at) gmail (dot) com

Melissa said...

I love Jenny Lewis. Every time I have seen her perform, she wears some fantastic vintage piece and makes it look so effortless. Plus, girl can sing.

migration said...

I can't say I quite model myself after her, but I'm always intrigued to see what Rachel Zoe is wearing. Love the amazing vintage pieces she finds, and seeing how modern she makes them look.

Emily Rickard said...

I love Sophia Coppola's style because she wears pieces that are feminine & comfy, like this bowtie! So cute!

saer said...

My style icon has many faces - she's the little old lady on the NY street.

I love to see these ladies, in their 70's, 80's and beyond always 'dressed up' when they go out - whether its for lunch or to buy a pint of milk.

They mix patterns, textures, colours and accessories so effortlessly, creating a look that's seriously eclectic and cutting edge. Except no one usually notices.

Pearl's, tweed, silk, t-shirts, Dr Scholl's with patterned tights and a wool skirt? I aspire to always dress like these little old ladies - to dress like I mean it!

thecravenmaven at gmail dot com

Rachel said...

Oh how lovely! I would say Hedy Lemarr because she's very classy * I love the 40's... but my actual style is more akin to Strega Nona or Big Anthony than to Hedy Lemarr.

rachel (at) redprairiepress.com

hannamarie said...

Ahhh! Love, love, love something's hiding in here's lady bow ties.

Lately, I have been really crushing on Mrs. O's style. I love the chic, effortlessness with which she wears everything. It's nice to have a fashionista in the white house again.

Zoe said...

One of my fashion icons is Blondie's Debbie Harry she had amazing style.

Zoe x


Fox and Sparrows said...

I love Elsie from a beautiful mess. That woman has crazy mad style! She always styles things in a way that I probably wouldn't have ever thought of putting together but it is always sweet and feminine! With a little rocker vibe too.