Packing summer into the weekend

It's Friday and there seems to be a theme developing with what I'm eying for the weekend (and summer)!

We'll be cooking at home, maybe some more New Zealand Spinach!  Grilling out, drinking fancy concoctions and who knows what else.

I've been reading Soulful Mothering posts at Soule Mama and thinking of ways to add Soule and Soul to my approach with motherhood.

Some ideas? Having an Action Pack-ed \time (via Poppytalk) but that's probably more for my own entertainment/crafting desire than M's. We'll see and we'll make it work!

Kicking off the shoes, getting dirt between our fingers, and generally taking tips from Cage Free Family. Thanks Katie D. for linking to this post--just the kick in the truth rump I needed!

These Fredricks and Mae kites are amazing (via Seesaw). Flying a kite is already on the list. . .hmmm. Maybe we'll make a kite and buy a F&M to hang up and not touch again because they're so friggin' pretty.

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