Hello Summer, Bye Bye TV

Yesterday afternoon, Charlie came home from work we hung out outside, "toured" the garden through scent. M is really into smelling things these days, so I walked around and picked flowers and herbs and we all smelled them. She, obviously, won't remember the names, but had fun with the experience and I think Charlie maybe learned a few things in the process.  Then we all grilled dinner, played and talked. Ready for the big news? We didn't watch TV last night.

Part of the "talking" was that we decided we'd run the course of Netflix and now just watched TV so we could have a mind-numbing couple of hours before bed. We both agreed, we need a TV fast.

We'd talked about it before, but you know how TV is...it's a comfort, a terrific babysitter, and a great way to while away the hours. Yesterday I responded to Kate's inquiry on the Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking blog (for a chance to win a set of homesteading books by Ashley English), "Tell us what you most appreciate about your upbringing. We’re in the cusp between Mothers’ and Fathers’ days here, so let us know how they influenced you the most."

My response? "My parents raised me (and my brothers and sister) with a restriction on TV watching: we could watch 30 minutes (except news, news was a freebie) on weekdays and 1 hour on weekends. That meant a lot of imaginative playtime, inside and out. I hated it when I had no idea what movies/TV shows other kids watched, but now I love the idea."

And it really hit me, I want M to have that same experience. 

This morning I closed my eyes, squishing them tightly shut prepared for the pain of ripping the band aid. I canceled our membership. One quick jerk, so I wouldn't back out. We don't have cable and without the antenna we only get frustratingly fuzzy stations. TV won't be an option until the cold weather comes, then we'll reassess.

Remember last year when I talked about allowing yourself the fun of summer camp?
This year we'll start a little earlier. (Perhaps M and I already have with all the time we've spent soaking our little piggies in the play pool.)

  • Sew a windsock (or maybe even a few!)
  • Fly a kite
  • Use the clothes line as a fort!
  • Hang a wooden swing from the branches--one both C and I can sit on.
  • Make sun tea
  • This one may not sound so campy fun, but:  Eat according to the food plate. With the (hopefully!) abundant summer crops, a plate of 50% vegetables should be an easy and delicious experience.
I'm sure I'll come up with a few more ideas, and am thinking a chalkboard to hide the TV might be a good idea.

I'm not the only one thinking about the potential of an active summer. Ellen of the Long Thread tweeted the Summer fun list at Modern Hostess,who linked to Meg who really has it down to a science! Ellen also tweeted these vegan shoes from The Generation (and they have arch support--hello happy mama feet!) which I'd happily sport all season long.

How about you?  What's on the radar for summer?


kristen said...

you and i are on the same page with the summer plans! camp awesome starts monday!

Katie D. said...

Did you ever find a pen pal? I'll be one. And I worked at one of those summer camps... We didn't burn anything but "sins" written on paper, but the kids definitely learned that things were bad. But also that life was good :). And I was the friendship bracelet QUEEN let me tell you. I'm less proud of this than I used to be, I have not been without a friendship bracelet on my ankle, wrist, or neck since 1997. It's actually of embarrassing :).

Anonymous said...

Awesome list! I haven't given summer much thought because I'm such a weenie when it comes to hot weather. What can I say, we Portlanders think anything over 75°F is akin to hellfire.

As for a penpal: try Postcrossing. It's more of a postcard exchange versus a traditional penpal, but I've enjoyed it.