Sittin' on a gold(fish) mine

I've said it before, I'll say it again--the pond is one of my favorite features of our yard.
It's amazing to see all the critters that visit: dragonflies, damselflies, lizards, snails that live in the pond, butterflies, as well as thirsty birds. The bees find tiny puddles for refreshment, and the goldfish nibble on the insects that land on the water (take that Mr. Mosquito).
I love it, and if you read the last post/checked out the pic, I'm not the only one. Mabel will lay on her belly and dangle her fingers in the water, babbling to the goldfish. She'd do that all day long if I'd let her, but I'd have to sit and watch her (re: 3 1/2 foot depth) watching fish.  Mr. Mosquito sure would like that.

It was a quick and easy project to build--I found the liner on Craigslist (it came with a pump, but that pump has long since gone kaput) and the rocks were a birthday gift from Hi-C.
One day I started digging a hole. And kept digging, and digging. Along the way I'd periodically make sure the pond liner would fit (it's a flexible sheet rather than the hard plastic liners you often see). I used the dirt to build up the side that sloped down in the yard to make a nice, level lip. The shape of the depth is tiered and the middle is about 3 1/2 feet down, 12 inches deeper than the sides. I did that so the fish could have some winter protection.

There are a few shallow "planters" along the edges, one planter with river oats and the other has a water lily. By planter I just mean I dug a small bowl shape and lined it with the liner. That way the dirt stays in the bowl area and when it rains the pond fills enough to drench the soil and roots of the plants.
The rocks along the top keep the liner in place and give added shelter for lizards, frogs and toads.  A few hang well over the edge of the pond and I've found the goldfish like to sleep in their shade and protection.
Apparently it makes 'em happy, too, with all the babies we keep finding. Too bad selling goldfish isn't a money making operation!
The pond stays fairly full from rain water, I keep a pan nearby and dip into the pond to water all the plants around it. Seems they're happy, too! Check out all that green in the last picture. . . you can't even see the pond!


Misti said...

I love that the little one is playing in the yard so much! The garden is looking great!

Emma at The Marion House Book said...

I never contemplated adding a pond in until now. It all sounds good except for the digging.