Good times

While I don't recommend coughing up a lung and losing your voice, there are a few good things about getting sick enough to miss a week of work. The most obvious to me is having time to sit still, draw, work on the computer, and generally not feel guilty about taking frequent naps.

Drinking coffee all morning and not getting out of my pjs was a perk, as was not having to answer the phone (no voice!) or answering for telemarketers to make them feel guilty for making me use what little voice I had left. Good times.

I'll be back tomorrow with some garden updates (seeds are going bazonkers!) and other miscellany. Did you have a good weekend?


Anonymous said...

Wow, when you put it that way....I want in! Hope you feel better soon though:)


I love the idea of hanging artwork with a hanger.

Kate F. said...

Just catching up on my Google Reader--I LOVE the giant poster! I had wanted to get all the seasonal posters but didn't have room to put them all up. Woot!