Brain Recess

I did a fair amount of "image crunching" to make sure what I thought was happening was in fact what Ms. Augustynowicz was doing. I'm kind of over giving her the benefit of the doubt, so I'll let you look. See if you can count the number of times she's stamped her work with my blobby little droplet doodles.

Now I'm in total illustration overload and need to clear out my brain before I can even pick up a pen to draw again.

Let's breathe away all the clutter for just a second, shall we? Now, onto something pretty and nice.

Jeana Sohn's blog (looove those closet visits) via the equally stylish Ellie at Mint.

I'm also diggin on the soft colors and lacy intricate designs that are so common in wedding fare {perhaps I'm getting in the mood for the wedding celebration of my brother this weekend?!} and Once Wed captures the opulence perfectly.

And when I'm ready to get back on track, I'll pick up where I left of with this: 
Cones, anyone?

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