Another Glimpse into Wolfie's Lair

This room has 1 purpose: play space without worry. It functions really well for that job. Here are a few glimpses of the room when we had the "nice" couch in there: here, here, here (the last link/pic still looks like that, it's what was behind me as I took the pics below).

The TV stand (barely seen on the far left) is a vintage dresser with 6 regular sized drawers and 3 small ones (down the center column)--the bottom 2 rows are storage for M's toys and books. The suitcases in the corner to the right of the couch are also toy storage. Yes, she has a lot of toys so we switch them out periodically when she seems less interested in the toys in the dresser. There is also a storage ottoman (behind me as I took the pic) that is full of stuffed animals

In the desk and under it are drawing supplies. That kid looooves to scribble.

The couch is a 20 + year old hand-me-down, so stains aren't a worry and the rug was the largest, cheapest natural fiber (read: biodegradable) one we could find at Ikea, so once again ground in goldfish crackers and spilled juice aren't a worry.

Anyway, it may not be the hippest room in the world, but it sure is comfortable, and I'm learning that when we have a comfortable space we use it a lot; and when we use it a lot, we're also tidier. Tidy is not a habit that comes easily to us, which is probably why I feel compelled to take and share pics of the house when a room is semi-clean!

That's not the only space that got a deep cleaning this past weekend. Hi-C wanted a chance to use his new chainsaw, so I sent him into a wooded area in the front yard to rip out the invasive Japanese Privet and wisteria. More on that nasty battle another day, but until then, check out this wisteria all knotted up. Pretty pretty!

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