Potty Training + a Couple Bad Puns

Here we are, almost at 17 months and we're reaching an age of tremendous growth. I guess the past 26 months have been tremendous growth, but this is a different stage altogether. M is starting to understand boundaries and decisions. She's more analytical than ever and asserting a new kind of independence.

And she's learned how to take off her diapers. She hates diapers, so learning to take them off is huge. Yesterday I left the room to prepare a bottle for her and came back to find the diaper on the ground and a puddle on the carpet. Hmmm. Perhaps that's a little too much information, but it seems to me maybe it's time to try out something else entirely new to our household: potty training.

Anyone out there have any words of advice for potty training newbies? Should we (pardon the pun) go with the flow or add a bunch of diaper covers to the mix so she can't get them off? I'm leaning towards listening to the hints, but at the same time (and pardon this pun as well) it scares the crap out of me!

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Read this. Today. Like now.

It's nice to see copyright approached so thoughtfully. Another informative quick read is this article, which I stumbled upon while reading more about the Urban Homesteading silliness.

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when skies are grey said...

What a cutie, even from behind :) Thanks for the mook mention the other day too! Good luck with the potty training, I think you'll do fine (you just kind of follow their lead, no pressuring),