In light of yesterday's twittering fury regarding the decision for one internet-famous family to trademark the term "urban homestead" and all variations thereof, let's discuss!

If you want to get down to the nitty gritty of the topic and how it affects me, I guess I'm actually a suburban homesteader, so it doesn't really affect me as much. (No cease and desist letters at least!) But grabbing the name of a lifestyle seems to be rash, not well thought out, and generally kinda icky.

What do you think? Feeling unfairly stripped of something inherently connected with your lifestyle? Feel like they've worked hard for the title and rightly deserve the rights to it?

**and some favorite things to take you into the weekend**

I love Mooks. Especially these.
These images are probably part of a dye experiment, but I like to think of these dots as constellations or confetti.
And of course, come say hi over on Modish today. I'm really interested in today's topic, you might be, too!

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Aesthetic Outburst... said...

The fact that someone has the nerve to claim ownership on the term 'urban homesteading' really just pisses me off. Ridiculous!