quiet Friday mood

It's been a bit since I shared any pictures of M. She's growing quickly, becoming more and more unique with each day that passes. We laugh at all the funny "where's she learn that" things that she does. There's no better reminder to live in the moment.

Here she is, in the first of what will probably be many embarrassing homemade costumes. She loves the cats so much we thought a cat would be appropriate. And that meowing she does every time a cat comes in the room? Not once. Lots of RAAAAAWWWWRRRRRs, which is okay. She doesn't have to be what we want her to be, that's part of the magic of parenting.

Here's another lovely blog, perfect reading to ease into a quiet Friday mood.

Hope you have a happy weekend.

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Ashley said...

You mean ADORABLY homemade. (Of course you could frame that face with almost any costume and she'd still look insanely cute!) Maybe next year you can make her a "DAWWW!"