the non-existent absolutes

Through questions that start with the broadest seemingly disparate elements, the game Animal, Vegetable or Mineral emphasizes a verbal disconnect of the living and lifeless, despite their actual symbiotic necessity. As in minerals need algae and algae needs minerals, so the question isn't, "Is it an animal," but more appropriately, "Is it animal that relies on mineral to maintain animal-ness?" The lines are blurred and the game is taken to an abstract dynamic best played by the drunk or those able to keep their brain untangled of the non-existent absolutes.

This morning on NPR Robert Krulwich follows the sequence of intertwining events that make up the time line of life and rock. Sing with me, "We are starrrrdust, we are. . . "

In honor of that rather interesting connection, I've found a few related handmade pieces of gorgeousness to share. All via Big Cartel, a site that is full of its own little gems, sprinkling from the sky like diamond dust.

Heather Lins Home pillows (anatomy and geology)
Iron Pyrite necklace from Snoozer Loser and Je Sophi Arrow Stone necklace
Brook&Lyn sliced geode necklaces
Leah Duncan print from Tomte Craft (a brick and mortar store in Denver, CO)
and the Flagstone scarf (seen in ocre) is worth mentioning for it's mineral name, also check out the sandgrain scarf--love that one in nightstar! both styles by Primoeza.

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when skies are grey said...

I gotta stop by and tell you I really liked your post the other day about trying to filter out all the overwhelming influence, and the link to design sponge. Thanks!