Handmade Holiday Ideas: Mood Swing Jewelry

How about this for timing? Kristen {aka Mood Swing Studios} and her uber-talented web designer Arianne of Aeolidia are working hard on a Mood Swing revamp and although it's not quite finished, I can't wait any longer to share my part in it with you. Also, since we're smack dab in the middle of present buying season, it's time to start preaching the buy-it-from-the-little-guy gospel, right?

See that there banner with the scrolly font and flowers? That's one of the projects that has been keeping me busy and away from the blog. Yep, that's my handiwork {squeal!} and my heart's-a- burstin' with pride.

One thing I learned while working with Kristen, that girl has an eye for detail. I think it shows both in the banner and in her designs. Another thing I learned? It's really hard to stare at her site without wanting to put everything in the shopping cart.

On top of all that temptation, today only Mood Swing is offering free shipping with the code "holiday" and 50% off all storybook charm necklaces! The storybook necklaces are adorable, and with half off they're all under $25!


kristen said...

whoa! you are so awesome! but you knew that already, right? b/c i hope i tell you every day and if i forget, well, bookmark this comment and reread daily.




kristen said...

wait, does "eye for detail" really mean "picky pain in my @$$?"