Gonna kick it boot down

These boots were made for . . . stompin? On shovels and rocks, working out in the garden They carried me around the flea market the first time I met Charlie, all over the world and sometimes just around the house. They've been paired with dresses to weddings and with my pjs when I've gone out to get the eggs in the morning, hoping it was early enough that no neighbors would see me.

I got them when I was still vegan, but was reconsidering my choice at the time. Although you never know where the leather is sourced, and can pretty much bet it's a byproduct of a pretty gruesome industry, I opted for leather shoes with leather and wood soles. I knew they would break down rather quickly in the landfill. I had some guilt before from all the plastic "vegan" shoes I'd gone through, and how long they'd last in the landfill. We're talking 2 or 3 pairs a season; the pleather would just crack. So these boots were my first foray back into wearing leather, and they've been with me ever since.

They're Laredo, the "value" brand from Dan Post, and made in the USA. They're now on their second soles and are getting closer to retirement 5 years of hard wearing later. I'm thinking if I invest in actual Dan Posts my next pair might last me until retirement!

**PS--Thank you to everyone that responded to my last post--I received comments and emails alike. I guess we all get lost in the beauty of shiny and new {. . . and expensive} every once in a while. It's a reminder that the internet is an easy place to gloss over the grit of daily life. Behind the computer screen we've all got our budgets and mundane tasks, and that is a-ok!

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