A $500 list for the long haul-idays

For my dad, the architect/fire station expert: Miller/Hull Partnership may not be fire station design, but it's certainly up his alley.
For my mom {and also for my dad}, the doting grandmother extraordinaire--The Grandparents Handbook. Not that she needs any help in that department. 
For my oldest brother, the father/artist/contractor: Handy Dad.
For my sister-in-law, mother/teacher/Mabel's nanny/chef/taxi/housekeeper etc: Mom's Ultimate Family Organizer.
For my sister, the writer/editor/wordsmith: One Line a Day. Without a doubt, if she ever shared them, her lines would be funny and insightful.
For my brother-in-law, the organized golfer: The Golf Scorecard Keeper. If only it had some high-tech gadget attached it would be beyond perfect.
For my soon-to-be-married brother: Gentleman, Start Your Ovens. Your Mrs. won't be happy with pizza every night, bro.
For my soon-to-be sister-in-law: Handmade Weddings. 'Cause she's a crafty gal! Plus a combo gift for them together: the Newlywed's Instruction Manual, because even if you navigate marriage with the professionalism of Elizabeth Taylor, sometimes you need a little instruction, right Charlie?

For my own family The Bird Song Bible. We all enjoy learning so much and the interactivity would be perfect for Mabel.Speaking of perfect for Mabel: anything Julius is a-ok by me, Walk the Dog would give her ample opportunity to say "dawwwwwg" {soft "g" on the end of that} and "wuff", and Dwell Studio's Touch and Feel books would combine pretty design with tactile learning. Speaking of Mabel speaking, we're going to need My Quotable Kid pretty soon. Birds in Flight just seems plain fun, and so do The Exquisite Book (yay for Julia!) and Let's Bring Back.

For all my friends {that I haven't given this to yet!}: Keri Smith's Guerilla Art Kit.

So what's the deal with this long list of books? Well, in the spirit of brilliant advertising using semi-social media, Chronicle Books is having a drawing. They're keeping track of the blogs that list $500 worth of their products, then on December 13 they'll draw a name and that lucky person will win the products they've listed. Not only that, if you comment on my little ol' blog (or another one on the list) and the blogger wins then you'll be entered for a chance to win my/their list of books!

It's worth a try, so just say Hi in the comments below! {And maybe, if you're feeling chatty, share which book sounds most interesting to you!}


when skies are grey said...

Well there's lots of good ones on here, let's hope we win ;)

Barbarian Librarian said...

wow, awesome contest! thanks for the tip-off. i adore Chronicle books!

Jessica said...

The Guerilla Art Kit has my interest, especially in light of the fact that you give it to your friends as a gift. Thanks for sharing this!

mckenzie said...

neat idea! :)

Molly said...

Awesome choices! Good luck!

Mollydedwards AT yahoo DOT com

katklaw777 said...

Great list...great giveaway.
katklaw777 at yahoo dot com
Good luck!

Gentlemen Start your Ovens looks fun.

Gaby317 said...

Great list - such an interesting mix. This is an amazingly generous giveaway. Thanks for the entry.

gaby317nyc at gmail.com

Teresa Thomas Bohannon said...

I love your list and the fact that you said who would receive each as a gift. It's quite different--for the most part--from the ones I selected See My List Here but a really delightful list nevertheless. I would absolutely love to win either one.

joolee said...

Love your kid's choices. Thanks for the chance!

kris said...

Very nice list - am glad to see the bird songs book too!

moonsword said...

great list! best of luck!

Haylee said...

Wow please win! I seriously think I would cry if I won all these books!


karmama said...

Guerrilla Art Kit sounds intriguing, and the Bird Songs Bible will have to go on our wish list for my bird-loving kids who spend part of every day watching the bird feeder hoping to spot a new bird.

jcamp2020 said...

Good list of titles. Wishing us both good luck. And Thank You to Chronicle Books!

jcamp2020 at aol dot com

Lily said...

Fabulous choices, especially the guerilla art book!
Lilyhoot at gmail dot com

Jax said...

You have a lot of good books on the list. The Bird Lovers Bible would be such a neat book to have. Good luck.