A couple botany-themed months

After a weekend in the mountains sharing a couple botany-themed months seems appropriate. {See the ones I've already shared here in slide show format.}

I was showing them off to Charlie last night when he said, "This is your best calendar yet." You know? I agree with him! Maybe tomorrow I'll share January, June, July and December. . . or perhaps I'll keep dragging the unveiling process out. Without rushing through and buying into the whole "Do it now, get it done, it's calendar time. Every one else has their calendars sent out to blogs and advertised" early-retail-holiday-rush, I feel kind of like I'm savoring this calendar, one delicious drawing at a time. I rather enjoy that feeling, don't you?

What else am I enjoying? Glad you asked!
A pretty and functional laundry room. *sigh*.
Jill Wignall's flickr photo stream.

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