Calendar Unveiling Part III

And we'll just skip on down to September. Shall we? Feathers falling in a rainbow of autumn hues, I started to wonder what the world would look like if trees had feathers and birds had leaves. What if feathers photosynthesized?
If I really thought about it long enough, I'd think it through to the point that the hypothetical me in feather-filled tree world would probably wonder what trees would look like if they had leaves and birds had feathers.

Now for the sales pitch--don't forget, the price goes up once the calendar is fully unveiled (that's 9 days away!) so get yours while the gettin's good!


Brittany said...

Ooh, this is my favorite month picture yet. I love those feathers!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Thank you Brittany! Feathers are fun to draw :)