Fun Away from Home

. . . and then I disappeared for a week.

Prior to leaving I was inspired by Abbey's post on her leather cuff lust, and I took some scraps and made one for myself. Then I forgot to take it with me to the beach. Rats. I also forgot the sunscreen, diaper bag and sun hat I'd made especially for M. Not a great start to a week at the beach. It quickly got better. I mean, we were at the beach and all.

While there, M became a toddler before our very eyes. Over the course of a few short days she ceased crawling.

The girl is a full-time walker, people. Not. ready. for. that.

Since she's all over the place, as soon as we got home C got out the vacuum. It worked for 5 minutes before going kaput. Back in the car, and a couple hours later we came home with a new little machine: the Dyson DC23. Although I'd asked for a steam mop for my birthday {which is still a month and a week + away}, this seems to be a good substitute.

But what a way to end a vacation: with a new vacuum. Hmmm, not exactly what I had in mind.

Pictures of all the fun away from home soon. {Fingers crossed.}

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Jeana Marie said...

I'm never ready for the next 'step' when it comes to my kids...and it does sneak up on me, and happens just like you said, right before my eyes...glad you had a great time at the beach.
(we love our dyson!)