Mabel Monday

We had a low key weekend watching 7 episodes of Nip Tuck, season 1 {okay, so that was just me, not C}, eating junk food {practicing moderation} and fresh, healthy food from the farmers market.

Did a little bit of weeding, fertilizing with kelp tea, and wall-painting in the kitchen. We also added molding in the kitchen {tidying up all those little details we overlooked} and painted a coat of white over all the trim.

I scraped one section of the balcony, part of the prepping process for a coat of bright white to go on at a soon-ish point {probably in the fall}.

More than anything else we played and played and played and played.

C got out his lensbaby and took it on a short walk around town, I did a little bit of creative cooking {and it wasn't a total failure} and we harvested figs that are bigger than M's fist.

It was a good move putting the chicken pen around some of the fig bushes.

And we realized Mabel took her first steps a week or so ago. Don't ask me how such a milestone slipped by, but she'd been taking a step and falling. . . baby steps. They're tiny, practice steps, a little insecure; she flaps her arms around to balance and takes 2 at a time. My mom saw it and asked if we'd seen her walk. "Well yeah," I said, "but they're small. Do those count as her first steps?" Ummm, duh. Of course they do, but I think I'm in denial that she's ready to walk. Can't we just swaddle her up for a little while longer and keep her small and immobile while I catch my breath?

Actually it's exciting, and before you condemn me for wanting to stifle her, it's exciting to watch all these changes and celebrate with her as she grows, explores and learns. It's also getting harder and harder to get pictures of her that are in focus. Rats.

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Ashley said...

Aww, what a happy toothy smile! And those curls - ack! It's official, you have the cutest baby girl in the world.