Back to the digital drawing board

I've been waiting for some time to sit down and play with my spoonflower fabrics and this weekend I finally got a chance to do it! {And I got started on my new dress!} The Jessie pattern didn't line up correctly {I guess it slipped my mind to check it before ordering, duh} so I have 2 yards that are off. Fortunately, this pinafore is about the length of one repeat, and you can't tell it was a misprint at all. Unfortunately, my sewing skills are lacking. I made it a 2T since my choice was 12 months or 2T so it's big on the M right now, but she'll grow into it seemingly overnight, I'm sure.

I'm finally close to using up all the lattice fabric I bought from Urban Outfitters on clearance a long long time ago. I don't even remember what I had in mind for it at the time, but it was cheap so I bought a bunch. And I kept using it, and using it and using it. . .so I'm excited to the back stock dwindling away.
On a low note, I have a few pattern repeats that need reworking and I can't find the digital files. Argh!! I guess that means back to the digital drawing board.

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Jeana Marie said...

It's going to look so cute on M. I really like how your fabric designs are coming out - it's very exciting to see! Good luck with those files...