Remember that 20 pound vow I took? Well, if you've been around for the fun, you've maybe noticed my counter on the left hasn't budged. Seems I took that pledge and hit a plateau all at the same time. How does that happen?

First I lost just over half a pound, then I "gained" about 3 {thanks period}, then I lost 2. . . see a trend here?

I'm going to blame part of it on circumstances: teething, growth spurting, more irritable than usual baby {and, therefore, lack of sleep}; terrible heat preventing me from doing the usual outdoor activities. . . and the excuse list goes on.

Note how I didn't use the "I get home and veg out in front of the TV" excuse. That one I carefully hid behind the . . . {dot dot dots} above.

So yeah, one month ago I vowed to lose 20 pounds and I haven't budged since then! What is up with that, people? I haven't been eating more or worse, I've been staying on the Weight Watchers track. I haven't been exercising, though, and the more weight I lose, the more exercise I need to incorporate. Crap, that sounds like a lot of work.

I still have 9 1/2 weeks to make it, but I gotta bust my hump to do it.

This is a timely little reminder. I have a friend that just had that surgery. Not liposuction, but another option. Look at that site and you'll know that's not an easy way to weight loss, it's a tough decision to make with even greater physical pain than the method I'm trying, but there's a feeling of envy there, one that I feel guilty for having.

One I can't quite put my finger on, except that this screeching weight loss halt has me soooo discouraged. Yes, even when I should be happy for a friend who has made a tough decision to change her life for the better.

Today I go in to weigh. Wish me luck and a shrinking waist line! Anyone out there having success and or a similar experience?

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Jeana Marie said...

Sometimes I think I would be more successful with better sleep too. But it takes time (and less reminiscing through all my favourite treats here in the US for me...). I seem to linger around the same weight as well and it is frustrating, but I know we can do it, we can be healthy!

when skies are grey said...

After working out for over a year at this point, I've realized it's just something you have to do. And even though it used to be so annoying to me I am now pretty much resigned to doing it forever, and not in a bad way...it's good for you. I do think it's the only way to lose weight in a way you can always maintain. Eat less, move more. Good luck :)!!