I haven't gotten to use my indigo dye kit yet, but it's on the agenda for this weekend.

Maybe even a little dye lifting with bleach.

Of course, celebrating {birthdays** and friendship} is on the agenda, and, as always, serious nap time must happen.

How about you? What sort of fun is in store for you?

** So as not to offend any brothers who may think I don't know who's birthday is this weekend, this was the most appropriate birthday image I had, but has the wrong person's birthday. Happy birthday Lon and Sara!


Jeana Marie said...

Looking forward to seeing you :)

Can't wait to hear more about the indigo!

Ashley said...

Joe took one look at this and wanted to know who "the tall kid in the back, towering over everybody else" is. Of course his initial reaction to my 1st-grade portrait, hanging between Todd and Lon’s pics on Grandma’s wall of fame, was: “Which one of those little boys is you?” (this because the portrait was done sometime after my Experimental Self-Inflicted Haircut -- to say nothing of what I did to your hair!).

At least in this pic it’s grown out some.