Huntin' with a stick

I *can't remember* if I've said this before {haha, yeah, I know I say it every day now}, but I spend my days chasing around a sweet little girl. That chasing can be interrupted by a few, and only these few, things: nap time {her, not me}, cooking dinner while she plays on the floor under my feet and climbing my lets, and soothing her when a crying spell comes on.

It's hard, people.

Harder than I ever imagined, but reversely far more rewarding than I ever imagined.

One of those rewarding times came in e-mail form from my sister-in-law, who watches M while I'm at work. I present to you: Mabel at "day care".

Then there are some moments when I can sit down and draw {like slow days at work. . . shhh, don't tell my dad the boss} and if I ask nicely, C will make sure I get some time to digitalize the drawings, thereby becoming prints.
This one is off to BlogHer for a fun little event they have going on. The title might help you understand it a little better: Beauty Through Gathered Experiences. It's more photoshopped than usual {and I'd like to note that spell check accepted photoshopped as a word. Weird.} and a little different from the norm, but when all is said and done I was/am happy with it.

Honestly. . .wtf should actually be Honestly. . . I love you so much I want to marry you.
BussBuss reads Modish, therefore {residually} reads my column! Makes me feel pretty cool.

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