A Call to Arms & A Lesson in Manners

Oh technology, how you've led us astray.

Before you think I'm a total Luddite {I am, after all, blogging}, I really only want to make one point: Text messages and emails never will replace the consideration shown by delivering a message by word of mouth.

Actually, there was one time a guy broke up with me over the phone after nearly 2 years dating and I thought that was pretty bad, but you know, it's far better than an email or text message. {Now that I think about it, that happened twice. . .I guess the first time stung a lot worse than the second.}

Let's just say, in an effort to conserve an iota of respect and human courtesy, if you have difficult news to deliver, the message is much better given by word of mouth than a computer generated "You've got mail" ding.

Plus, when you show the courtesy of face-to-face interaction, think about how well that shows your integrity and honest intentions. No hiding behind a screen, just plain ol' openness.

Knowing how hard my parents worked to instill morals and good judgement, one of the lowest put downs in my mind is also probably the very same one that would get you laughed off the playground as a kid, "Does your mom know you behave that way? I know she taught you better than that." Or simply, "Your parents must be so proud."

I state those knowing fully I've been a poor reflection of my own parents at times.

But seriously people, this is a long-winded and very vague-but-pointed rant, but let's do better by our kids and teach them that these tools of convenience don't replace courtesy, decency and manners. Mabel, are you listening?

* * *

To end things on a lighter note, technology can also be totally amazing! Look at the fabric patterns I finished yesterday. Thank you Dell computer, Canon scanner, Photoshop and Canon printer!

I've ordered them and they're heading my way {in a month}; Spoonflower is busy. Soon they'll be available for purchase alongside a couple others I've already printed and proofed.

2 more days to get the Badminton print before it disappears {and don't forget the 40% discount code: PORTLANDORBUST}.

Plus, as is the case every Friday, I'm over at Modish today. Won't you join me? I swear it's way more light-hearted than the mood over here today!

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