Campy Cool

While he may not seem like it on the surface, Mr. C has a rough-hewn side, just a tinge of rustic outdoorsiness. He also has a much more streamlined idea of good design which balances out my more indecisive eclectic eye.

I gave the Mr. a pair of Toms Shoes for his birthday and I don't think he's taken them off since. They totally fit the stylish, confident, outdoorsy, nature guy vibe, right?

I've got a couple ideas for Father's Day gifts and if it weren't totally a luxury, I'd get him a Best Made Co. Axe and leather carrier. But I'm thinking more in the $30 range rather than $300, so I'll just give it to him virtually while I try and talk someone else into getting one for their main dude. Here's what Best Made Co. has to say for themselves:
Best Made Company was founded on the principle that a well made object can enlighten, entertain, and inspire. Everything we sell is simply "the best made" product we can make or find.
I believe it. Simple pictures and a gorgeous product.

Makes you want to go camping, doesn't it?

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