sprained brained

Just a few moments ago I finished up the taxes. {*breathe*}
and since my brain literally bends every time I see a math equation, I have to take some breaks and do less demanding things. {it. literally. bends. literally.}
So I took the in-between moments to print some stuff to stare at, to make sure I'm alright with it before I put it out there in the world.

Then, of course, I can always take a break and stare at this. That goofy, toothless grin is blurred from the speed she's moving towards my face to gum on my cheek. Nom nom nom nom.

Are your taxes done and in the mail? Find any great distractions to take the pain of brain sprain away?


Erin Lang Norris said...

uuugh. taxes. i closed my biz license a couple weeks ago and didn't file because i didn't earn enough money to have to. i certainly didn't miss all the calculating! (i know exactly what you just finished going through!) i'm terrible at math and taxes stress me out to no end. we took ours in to be done this year for a pretty low rate, and it was worth not having a headache over it. i'm usually the kind of person who'd rather do things myself, but not this!

hope all is well!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Yeah, I didn't have much internet income, but C is freelance, so every year there are last minute scrambles for miscellaneous papers.
Lucky you!