a good kind of mess

I've got a new contest up on Modish and a winner announced for the last contest. I'm sorry for the lazy posting last week--I'm bleary eyed and sore starting this week off, so I can't promise much more.

Instead I'll show you some messes. The above mess is the nursery, the rumpled sheet on the floor from letting Mabel roll all over the place, the pile of laundry in the background and a guitar leaning up against the rocking chair is evidence of C playing and singing to our little one.
The residue of time together may not look pretty, but it sure feels warm and squishy. That's a good kind of mess.

Then there is the mess of reorganizing a closet and getting bored halfway through. {It's a little dance I like to call the distraction two-step: Get bored, find camera, find memory card, take pictures of mess to clean, find distraction in pictures, wander off snapping pictures of anything and everything.}

How was your weekend? Ready for a new week?

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