The wall

When you've got renovation projects coming out the wazoo you're bound to hit the proverbial wall.

That was our weekend. We've lined every inch of spare space with the displaced stuff from the kitchen and closets. There are holes in walls for threading pipes through, kitchens unfinished.

It's ugly, and just about all I can take of a mess.

So while C glued the PVC pipe together, Mabel and I left for air sans fumes aka My Parent's House. C finished up and joined us for dinner while the fumes cleared up.

Then boom. The wall. C suddenly got very sick to his poor heaving belly. Food Poisoning is the wall, if you didn't know. Well, food poisoning + a baby who has totally lost all recollection of routine + PMS. Have you ever met a woman with PMS that couldn't take a shower due to renovations? How about one that stayed up all night taking care of her helpless, vomiting hubby?

That was me, my friends, and that was my weekend. How was yours? Better? Please oh please share some fun weekend stories!

And so you know that I'm much happier today, a little refreshed, ready to attack a new week with optimism and vigor. Here's a tidbit of Monday upliftingness for ya.

(Gratuitous baby picture--Mabel impersonating The Sneak)

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