As M grows, the room evolves

Toys are becoming more important to our little Mabes (to keep her interested, occupied, and something relatively clean nearby that she can chew on) which means they need to come out of the boxes and into the nurdio.

That also means less space out in the open for my art supplies. The work table (aka clutter magnet) was taken down and Mabel's bassinet was put in it's place and filled with stuffed creatures.

The big solution was to purchase the Annika shelves from Urban Outfitters, which are now half off. They looked like a great alternative to the vintage Danish modular shelving options on eBay at a fraction of the cost. If you've been eyeing them, know several things 1) the brackets are made of a single piece of wood each, which makes them look really nice until you put the shelf on them. The shelf fits really snugly in the bracket and pops the lips off the rest of the brackets that didn't arrive already broken. 2) The images on their website are not installed on the studs. That means if you want your shelves to function, they will not look like the pictures. Studs are not that far apart, and the shelves are too short to install on every other stud. That's why they put the cabinet on the floor in one picture. The cabinet is so heavy I had to have help carrying Hi-C carry it up the stairs.

On the upside, when installed, the shelves are very sturdy. Sturdy enough for a wide format printer. . . but keeping a product that arrived broken is against my better judgment, which means I've put my better judgment aside because they allow me to use the desk for drawing and have the computer, printers, scanner, and all that jazz right at arm's length.

The room itself is full of modernism, and I think that's just perfect for little ones. The bold graphics, the interesting forms. Why pay for a set of number flash cards when a stendig calendar does the job just fine in a functional manner? {Yes, I know Mabel is too young to learn counting, but they say black and white images are stimulating for infants.}

I have a feeling these changes, the reevaluating and evolution of the space, will continue until Mabel gets a room all to herself. In the meantime, I'm learning the importance of tidiness and being forced to rethink every object that enters the room.

It's good practice for me, and I just might be done with spring cleaning in time to get some seeds started!

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