Will a pretty kitchen make me a better cook?

These are the upper cabinets in our kitchen. The lower cabinets are drawers and shelves behind hinged doors all in a matching style. (Images of full kitchens from Bob Vila and RetroRenovation.com)

We don't have that many cabinets. I suspect at some point there were, but they seem to have disappeared over time (including the original 2 basin sink with drainboards).

These are the cabinets my grandparents bought for the house when they were starting out their family. Fifty (sixty?) years later and we're starting our little family with the same center of nourishment as my mom's parents did.

The worn white vinyl floors and chipping turquoise paint (that's what you get when you ask for the cheapest paint they've got) are on their way out {nope, no naps this past weekend}. In are the blue and white diamond linoleum floor tiles and navy blue paint (the semi-gloss I bought for the nursery but decided it had too much sheen).

Then there will be new cabinets built to extend the length of the wall under the double window with an Ikea Domsjo double basin apron front farm sink and new counter tops which are also Ikea (oak Numerar).

Once completed, I'm expecting the clouds to break open and a ray of light shine down upon me from the heavens. At that point I will be miraculously able to complete gourmet meals 1) with complete and utter abandon, liberated from the oppression of meal planning, 2) in 30 minutes or less, with only my left hand due to the baby slung casually, but happily, upon my hip, 3) all organic, locally grown, and easily sourced inspiring foods, and completed 4) without breaking a sweat. Stay tuned to find out what happens!

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