We all need to rise up

Does it mean I'm the crazy chicken lady when people see interesting coop design and think of me? Sarah sent me a link to this coop (I guess it's more of a tractor than a coop?) and it's been floating in and out of my thoughts ever since.

If we didn't have so much on our plates already, I'd be lobbying the Mr. for something like this to go over our raised beds so the chickens can work their magic on the soil, doing the tilling and fertilizing for us.

On the theme of "things in our yard" (yeah, that's a long stretch for a decent segue), way back in '07 someone stole Charlie's moped from our yard. Yep. Right from our front yard, the part of the yard surrounded by trees, a good 5 feet from the street. Meaning it wasn't laying in the street unclaimed, it wasn't out in a wide open expanse, waiting for sticky hands. It was tucked under the car port in a very private, very secluded part of our yard.

When it was missing, C was ready to build a moat and add parapets to the house. Instead, I suggested, why not put up posters and take action, a la Pee Wee. So we papered the town in missing moped posters, then went door to door through the neighborhood, asking people for leads. Well, we met a lot of neighbors that day, even one who ended up finding the bike and getting it back for us.

Then my sister sent me an email with a link to an article about his house being broken into, $8,000 of equipment stolen. Gone. In the article there is a strongly resonating last sentence:
"When there's injustice, we all need to rise up."

This is where I ask for a favor: David is a good guy (this phrase actually barely describes a man who has dedicated his life to serving the under-served) who has been through a terrible injustice. Can you even begin to imagine coming home to find out all your art supplies were stolen?

To help him out, a few other people and I are holding a fundraiser for him.
The details are slowly unraveling, but it will be a booth of handmade goodies and art within an artists' market here in town March 3 and 4.

We need donations! Do you have something you can give? If so, get in touch (there's a contact button in the left column) and let me know. I'm not above begging! The money will go straight to David to restock his equipment.

It could be a print, a crocheted scarf, a pack of buttons. . .really anything. You made it? We'll take it. Each donation will be listed on a blog set up for this fundraiser, with a photograph and a link to your shop/website. We'll be doing some serious advertising, so hopefully it'll increase your site traffic all while doing something good.

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Jeana Marie said...

Sounds wonderful - will send you an email soon when their isn't anyone crawling on me (2 yr old) and I can think straight!