The Spring Itch

It was 19 degrees (F) on my way into work this morning, so all this talk of garden-related critters shouldn't fool you: it's shameless dreaming (and necessary upkeep). . . perhaps just a little itch that will grow and grow to insure I actually get some gardening time in this year. In the mean time, there are all sorts of little preparations to keep me satisfied.

As an explanation before we go any further, I feel home cooking, DIY and gardening to be symbiotic activities--each inspires and necessitates the other, probably better described as "green living", but that conjures up images a little more granola than I dig.

There are 2 DIY presses on my mind: A cheese press and a {warning: clicking the soil blocker link will send up several annoying pop ups. grrr} soil blocker.

One more thing to keep me happy for a few more weeks when I decide it's time to start some seeds: Gathering with like-minded folk and learning. This Saturday I'll be off playing with worms at the Friendship Garden.

The Friendship Garden, located behind Friendship Trays at 2401-A Distribution St. Charlotte NC 28203, will host a worm composting (vermicomposting) workshop with Brian Rosa, Organic Recycling Specialist NC DENR on Saturday, January 16, 2010. He will help attendees set up a mid-scale system, aka "worm wigwam", in the Friendship Trays garden that will compost 10 pounds of food scraps per day that come out of the Friendship Trays kitchen.

Agenda: It starts at 9:45 AM with coffee. Later, lunch will be provided by Friendship Trays partner Community Culinary School of Charlotte followed by setting up the “worm wigwam” and a Q&A session.

Cost: Bring a tub of your red wigglers from your home compost or consider donating $20 to pay for one pound of composting worms.

Register: Henry Owen at henry.owen@covenantpresby.org or 704-804-7574.

Saturday, Jan. 16, 9:45 a.m.-3 p.m.

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