mulch bed powerhouse

Yesterday I checked in with Homegrown Evolution just in time to read about another blogger, Tangled Nest, experimenting with coffee chaff in the hen house. I immediately emailed a local roastery, Dilworth Coffee, to ask for the cast offs, and heard back within a matter of minutes with a resounding, "Please! Take some!" A quick trip to their warehouse and I was happily heading home with 2 trash bags stuffed in the back of my tiny car, dreaming of whittling down the already low cost of keeping hens happy. {image from the tangled nest}

If I can prolong the afternoon nap (we're going on about 9 hours sleep total for the week so far) and clean the coop, I'm going to try it out. Apparently the chaff is high in nitrogen, and tomatoes love it, so I'm thinking once it's mixed with chicken litter then partially composted, it'll be a mulch bed powerhouse.


Jeana Marie said...

one day I really would like some chooks, oh yes I would ;)

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

you should get them. . .the girls would love them, I bet! (and the eggs. . .I can't begin to describe how much better they are!)