2010: A year of good food?

This year a common theme around the House of Sneak is food. A new refrigerator that keeps consistent temperature and is energy efficient. {we'd be hard pressed to find a less efficient fridge than our former one.}

Healthier, happier, homegrown food. {okay, not exactly homegrown, but food grown in NC and upstate SC.} Last night's dinner was a salad mostly made of items from a Farmers' Fresh order, topped with cornbread croutons made with meal from SC grown corn.

A BPA-free alternative to the 2 part lidded jars I've been using for canning. {weck jars ordered from Heath Ceramics.} I'm also going to buy some German-made Leifheit lids to use with all the Ball jars I already have. 'Cause apparently the rest of the world has already banned BPA, whattup FDA?

And in other, non-food related news:
Check out the bloganistas--fashion from stay at home bloggers making my get-dressed-for-work self look pretty pathetic and frumpy. dang.


Michelle said...

Those weck jars are mighty handsome.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Yeah, i was sort of wanting them anyway, so it was a good excuse to go ahead and get some! The had them at Sur La Table for a while, I'm not sure if they still carry them, though.