Getting back to petals and pedals

Once upon a time I found a vintage Raleigh bike on Craigslist for $90. It came complete with a Brooks saddle and, from what I gathered from the pictures, was in excellent condition. I think it was a 3-speed, and I think it was red. I don't remember exactly. Someone else got to it before I did, so I didn't get the pretty little gem. A couple days later the buyer relisted the bike for over twice the original price. I swear--same bike, different location, all new price tag.

So this year I've asked for a bike for Christmas. My old Schwinn is steel and heavy, and the gears are clunky and really I just want an easy ride. (Stop snickering. Seriously. Stop.) I found a newer Raleigh, this time a 7-speed cruiser style, for $75. This time there was not floundering about, we hopped on the deal and now I'll have to wait till the end of December before I get to see it again. Meanwhile, Charlie is going to add a few things to it. What? I don't know, but I hope maybe they'll be from this primo compilation of bike accoutrements.

Hip pouch and handlebar bag from etsy, Brooks basket and seat, and wood handlebar grips.

Do you have a bike you absolutely love or one you're lusting after? Do tell!

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