This is my "vacation" week, but since I'm past the recommended travel time, I'm at home. C is working some serious overtime this week, too. Good timing.
I'm also not supposed to move furniture, so yesterday I spent sitting on the floor of the studio sorting and purging. What a vacation.

So here are a few more nursery updates--still a ways to go, but we've got a bed (not the daybed I had in mind, but my old Jenny Lind style twin size that was my momma's before me) in place for a guest. There's still a ways to go on that room before pictures will be unveiled.

Back to the nursery--a couple color swatches from the Sherwin-Williams site, Gale Force and Organic Green. So you can have a better idea of the colors of the nursery. The blue seems a good bit darker in person, but the green is spot on.

And the crib--the beautiful crib my brother and sister-in-law are letting us borrow. My brother made it himself for their first little one, so not only is it especially precious, it's handmade!

There are lots of little handmade touches throughout the space, which keeps it inspirational for me and my use of it as a studio. When all is said and done, I'll do a little wrap up of those details. See if you can i.d. them before I get around to it, okay?

How's your week--bored of the nursery pics yet? I hope not, I'm having so much fun putting it together!

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