Once upon a time I had a week off from work and slept until whenever, napped around with the cats all day if I wanted to, and generally took my time doing whatever I wanted.

Except really I cleaned house for a week straight, moved light pieces of furniture around until we have some semblance of a guest room, edited down the art and prints we have on the walls, did countless loads of laundry and who knows what else happened last week.

Oh yeah--heartburn so bad I threw up, filled up at least half a dozen trash bags and gathered equally as much stuff to donate to the thrift store, massaged a man-unit's feet (and ego. . .then he returned the favor on my own achy, swollen feet) after 12 hour work days all week and I think I lost my mucus plug. What? TMI??

Secretly I hoped Labor Day would have a double meaning in our household. No such luck, but she'll be here soon enough, I just need to practice patience. At the end of the day, though, when my back was so sore I couldn't move, I plopped down in Charlie's recliner with a pad of paper and doodled my evenings away.


Tracey said...

This doodle should be made into a print for fabric, WOTS!! So stinkin' sweet!

LOVE the baby room. Green and navy - the bestestest combination.

Happy waiting . . . oh, the excitement!

Jeana Marie said...

very nice doodling!

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Renee!!! That's super exciting! It should be any time now! Can't wait to hear how things go. Lovely drawing, btw.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Thank you everyone! I'm pretty happy with the green and navy--it feels sweet and comfortable, not too boyish and not too girly.
Anytime now. . .I feel like I'm pacing the cage!