Saturday morning I got up to volunteer at the Farmers' Market, came home, fed and changed the water in the chicken coop, fed the fish and checked on the babies, and realized something was different around the pond. Someone had stolen our chairs! It's not the first time we've had things taken right out of the yard: a planter, C's moped. . .one time we found something that had been stolen and ditched in our yard--a briefcase taken from someone's car, and things have been vandalized (I think we're on mailbox #4?). But the chairs--come on! C went on a journey to see if they'd been ditched in the nearby woods (no luck) and found someone's mailbox and newspaper box, silk plants, and a few other things. No chairs, though, and they're always such small items it doesn't really help to call the police. Those same police asked, when C's $700 moped was stolen, "Was it chained up?" It wasn't, so they said they could take a report but couldn't do anything else about it. I wonder if that logic follows true with cars as well? Do we need to chain everything up in the yard?

Maybe they knew we were trying to pare down our chair inventory? But really, people, not the outdoor teak ones. Next time just knock, we'll find one we bought at a thrift store and haven't really used since then, okay?

No real progress on the bathroom, although I did scrub it up all purdy like; C got the den floor insulated and I cooked up some beans for the biggest batch of hummus ever. I'm swollen and tired most of the time, which doesn't bode well for nesting projects.

But it does give me time to read many many many home blogs, especially ones with pregnant authors** and/or lots of baby pictures. {**A Merry Mishap is solely responsible for the purchase of this top, but in black, this morning.} Last week the Mr. took me shoe shopping for something comfortable with good support. We ended up at Off Broadway, seemingly the only store in town that hasn't completely switched from summer to fall already. After talking myself out of a pair of Merrells, I found some cute Keds (they're more cushiony now than they were when I was little) that have been dubbed my "Mommy Shoes". Yes, people, I'm already halfway to dowdy mom.

I think it's the Child birthing/Parenting class that has him thinking baby more than he has been. But whatever it is, he also bought a Plan Toys dollhouse (on clearance for $49, originally $129) and a Zubels rattle (the giraffe) that is the softest cutest rattle ever.

We go back to class tonight, I'm not sure the entire agenda, but we're definitely watching a video that shows an actual childbirth... I guess that'll get us both prepared for the goo and slime of birthing, if anything will!

How was your weekend? What'd you do? Any fun projects? If you're looking for something fun to do, I just saw that Neesy posted a super cute clothespin holder tutorial on her blog. Check it out.


Christina said...

that is an adorable gingham top! love the little ruffles.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Yeah! I can't wait to feel a little bit girly again--I'm so tired of frumpy maternity clothes. ick. Have I told you how much I love your blog?