I don't have any brilliant realizations to spout off today, no projects around the house (well, no projects that are progressing), no amazing experiments in the kitchen.

I'm still walking with my mom every (nearly?) afternoon, 3-4 miles, although we're now doing that indoors. The temperature has been full on summer 90s the past couple weeks, and this gal isn't down with the blaring sun, a swollen belly, and an hour of exercise all at the same time. Yep, I'm a mall walker. You can make fun of me all you want.

I am wondering where my Fred is and I've asked Charlie several times if I'll even get a Fred. He, of course, is horrified by this preoccupation. Me, I'm just wondering if I'm developing at a normal rate.

Still thinking (obsessing) about the bedroom, and how I can turn everything 90 degrees to the left without asking Charlie to help. . . only because I've got more important things in mind for him to do.

But I do have a huge hug and excited long distance thank you for Andrea and the beautiful handmade nest, felted eggs, and the Grumpy Bird she sent all this way! The nest is now at home in my studio with the bits of dried seaweed, sand, sticks and stones I've collected on vacation with my Mr. It's the perfect addition to the collection!


Erin Lang Norris said...

woah, that's a cool site for flooring, thanks for pointing that out!

i'm going to need it soon...

Heavy Petal said...

You are very welcome! I knew it would find a good home :)