s'mores for breakfast

First and foremost, if you ask my mom, she'll tell you how much I hated summer camp. For an introverted kid, summer camp is pretty much a nightmare for 8 straight days--through the awkwardness of having to make instant friends to the realization that you're a late bloomer and that cute boy on the other side of the pool isn't looking at you, but at your new on-time-blooming campy pals.
Maybe it's out of a desire to perfect those memories, or just a love for the old school camp aesthetic (minus creaky cots), but here are a few of my favorites that remind me of the great outdoors without any extra trauma.

(images left) Tapestry from Urban Outfitters {which I think would make awesome curtains}, also from U.O. is the sofa/bed from blu dot {I trust blu dot's quality}, lantern on clearance at cb2, door mat from Knotically Inclined, and mabel might i have a moment. . . cushion {hello!! is that fate or what??} from dottie angel.

(images right) Same cb2 lantern, tent from amazon (though I think I'd make my own with bamboo), campfire from HELICOPTER studios (I know I've posted this before, but I still love it), clothespin doll kit from The Small Object, dress from Vintage Touch, and Good Morning Sunshine pdf from The Small Joys.

Now I'm thinkin' s'mores for breakfast would be a nice way to start the day. . .


Erin Lang Norris said...

I love this post!

Lucky for me, my mom never let me (er, made me?) go to summer camp. For whatever reason. This is probably a really good thing, because I wasn't fond of adapting to instant change or being put in front of new people and having to learn new things at the snap of somebody's fingers. Just wasn't my thing.

BUT I have to say, I do like the IDEA of it all. And this post is really great...I love all the stuff you came up with! Being outdoors is the best, and all these items are a great way to roll into summer (especially when stuck indoors on a rainy day.)

Hope all is well with you 2. 3? Hmm. Well, you know.

Victoria Williams said...

I've been to a couple of summer camps....Gawd awful.
Now I do my camping in real life with hubbie, much better.
When we can't do that we have a fire pit in the garden where we talk, drink wine and roast marshmallows.

Jeana Marie said...

i went to music camp once or twice ... ugh.

love the teepee. peter and i made one for e after n was bron from this crazy green and tartan thrifted fabric and dowels from the hardware store - the girls still love it - needs a bit of love now though! nothing like a great cubby.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Erin--Yeah, if it weren't such a sudden shift in environment (culture?) summer camp would've been fun. . .or maybe if I'd gone with friends or something. And being outdoors was definitely fun!

Kim and Victoria--Camping! Yes! Add some friends in the mix and it's awesome--sitting around sharing stories and enjoying nature. There's nothing better.

Jeana--Do you have a picture up? I'm off to find it if you do!

Nonna Illustration & Design said...

Boy, this post brings back some memories. I had a bat in my cabin and huge bugs in the shower. But, your cute finds ease the yucky memories. Love, it!

kickpleat said...

Thank you for including my print in your lovely memory-fueled post! I loved summer camp and I didn't get to eat s'mores for breakfast (what was wrong with me?!)