It's the perfect day to modish here in Charlotte--the rain is coming down, the sky is gray. Those are the days when there is no better excuse to daydream of sunshiny skies.
I've still got enough projects to keep me out of my own yard (boo!), but the entries in Apartment Therapy's My Great Outdoors celebration has filled me with ideas of what to do when I finally get the time.

The rain is not so bad, as long as it doesn't split my tomatoes or water log them to tastelessness. Maybe I'll finish the curtains for the hallway or get a little further into setting up the nursery (it would sure be nice to get all the baby stuff out of the living room. . .for a few months, at least).

Don't forget the Camera Obscura ticket giveaway--even if you're too lazy to listen to the samples, you can just put the name of a song and we'll be none the wiser! You have until until Monday Morning (12 AM. . .we'll be watching the clock, even if not watching your integrity) to enter and win 2 tickets to the June 20 show at the Cat's Cradle! Leave a comment in the original post, name your favorite song off their new album and wait for Lady Luck to join your side!

Monday morning look for the winner! Hey, at least that's one good thing to look forward to, right?

So what are you planning on getting into this weekend? Any diggin? Music? Just enjoying the down time? Working?

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