I'm still day dreaming of ways to improve the bedroom, and the curtains are still the biggest issue. They aren't so much the issue as I am: I get tired of curtains easily, which makes me cheap when it comes to buying them, but at the same time, the parking lot lights from the condos next door keep the room swathed in light {read: daylight all night long} so thickness and light blocking are as much an issue as anything.

Have I mentioned I have 2 sets of fully lined curtains on the window facing the parking lot?

The cheapest solution would be a couple of rocks, a good throwing arm, and exceptional aim, but C won't let me do that.

But I guess I'm in the throes of nesting, and there are some stressors that I'm trying not to dwell on, so thinking about the bedroom seems like a good distraction. Distraction. Distrac. . . Tomorrow I have my second perinatal specialist visit, where they do a detailed ultrasound (30 minutes of baby watching = fun, followed by conclusions and more worries, not fun). Thanks to the uncertainty of a special Mr.'s job, the last time I went, I went alone. This time my mom is going, and she's been ordered to ask all the hard hitting questions. Anybody know anything about fetal hydronephrosis? I have to go back in to the obstetrician on Friday for a 3 hour glucose test because my glucose levels in the 1 hour version came back high. So yeah, curtains. . . distractions. . . and wondering if I'm already a bad mama, letting Mabel down from the get go.

Me and Mr. C (who has been working his 40 hour/week real job and doing all sorts of extra jobs and favors for friends) need our own summer camp/get away room.


Erin Lang Norris said...

I hope that the appointment went well for you...I've never heard of fetal hydronephrosis. How far along are you now?

Yes, curtains will definitely distract you. I know mine did until I FINALLY picked some. And I have the same problem with apartments/street lights outside my window. It's a real drag, isn't it?

I hope all is well. I have to list some items on eBay for my mom now...aah, back to writing item descriptions! Heh. Take care and try not to worry about too much!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

the appointment was okay, same as before: "This is definitely abnormal, but nothing to lose sleep over"

We got some wood slat blinds from Ikea, and I'll pick up some drop cloths later today (or this weekend) so I can stop thinking about the curtains!! ACK! Drag is right!

Any good stuff on ebay?