I know I've shown the poo powered onesie before, but thought that in honor of today's extra long ultrasound, I'd show my current favorites forecasted for Mabel Davis' future infant wardrobe.

Both the mix tape and bike with hearts (as modeled by the world's cutest little boy) are printed by heatherjeany.
etsy.com. They are probably waiting for me at the post office as I type.

The poo powered one is by Ms. Superfantastico herself and is available through superfantastico.com. That one's next on the buying list, though first I have to decide how far into the future I'll be shopping for.

Then there's the Baptized in Muddy Waters from southernbrand.com, which might require some themed socks to complete the ensemble. You know, start the embarrassment from birth.

Yippee Ki Yay, little kicker!

{wish us well, we're off to see the specialist again today!}

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