Are you wondering how much longer I'll be talking about the front room?? Well, each little project snowballs into a bigger project. (As in: the walls are done, now we're wondering if we should strip the trim before repainting it. . .it's got about 70 years of paint on it. But no. That's not a project for us any time soon.)

Little things like old cranky light switches irk C to no end, so a short trip to the hardware store for switches and we came out $40 later with spray paint for the light fixture, decorative plates for the soon to be changed switches, light bulbs that would show the yellow in it's truer, marigold form rather than the greenish fluorescent color that was coming out, sandpaper, sanding accoutrements and. . .who knows what else.
I did get the Pier 1 rug, but it's rolled up until everything else is done, and even then I might take it back. It's cute, but I'm not sure if it's $50 cute.

So here's what's done:
The closet is cleaned beyond recognition,
Reflective 70s wallpaper applied to back wall of closet (this little hidden touch will keep me feeling thrift store punk, and hopefully prevent the yellow from making the hall look like a preschool),
Walls are painted,
Closet doors are primed,
Closet rod is painted to match the soon to be painted light fixture,
Neurotic, self-indulgent ordering of matching vintage coat hangers--check!

What's left:
Change out switches,
Paint trim and sliding closet doors several coats of durable glossy white to withstand excitable puppies,
Paint the light fixture,
Decide on that rug.

Before anything else can happen, my aching butt has gotta heal. Too much climbing up and down on chairs to get to the trim around the ceiling for this baby bearing DIYer.

What do you think of the rug--keep it? Take it back? I'd love to hear some thoughts. . .I'm floundering around on this one.


Victoria Williams said...

I don't know, I really like the rug myself.

denise said...

Your front room -- my kitchen...

As far as stripping trim paint...been there. Once you get into it, you'll wonder why you did and think about all the time wasted doing it...or, maybe that's just me. 2nd house, I replaced it instead and I'm a huge reuse/recycle don't throw anything away kinda girl. You also have to think of the time you have (or don't have,) lead paint, etc.

My hangers are all the same color. You're not neurotic...detail oriented.

Rug -- if you're questioning it, I take it to mean you don't LOVE it, but like it enough because it's on sale. Wait for one you like more. Ask yourself...would you want to buy it if it cost "X" amount more. OR, is it inexpensive enough so that when you get sick of it, you can just give it away and get one you love.

Oh, home ownership, ain't it grand?

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

I LOVE the wallpaper! So fabulous! As for the rug, it's super cute, but I agree with Denise. :)

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Kim and Victoria--I know, I just keep going back and forth on it. :/

denise--will the madness ever end? I think I've been asking that question for about 5 years now. . .hmmm, therein lies the answer.

Abbey--thanks! Crazy wallpaper keeps me sane in the suburbs!